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Orthopaedic Surgeon in Dublin

Orthopaedic Surgeon in Dublin specialising in large joint arthritis, Sports injuries, Joint Preservation Surgery, Specialized Hand Surgery, Occupational Hand/Upper Limb Assessment.

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Fergal McGoldrick

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

M.Ch. F.R.C.S. (Orth) F.R.C.S.I F.F.S.E.M.
Specialities include:

  • Large joint arthritis with arthroplasty of Knee/Hip/Shoulder inclusive of minimal invasive joint arthroplasty
  • Sports injuries and arthritic changes in the younger adult with Arthroscopic/Minimally invasive surgery of the knee, hip and shoulder.
  • Joint Preservation Surgery.
  • Specialized Hand Surgery
  • Occupational Hand/Upper Limb Assessment

patient information

knee pain

Knee Arthritis

Degenerative knee joint problems can be a mixture of post-traumatic “wear & tear” and
underlying genetic risk factors.

hip joint pain

Hip Arthritis

Hip arthritis is traditionally thought to occur
in older people. In reality, the very earliest signs of hip arthritis can develop in patient’s in their 20s.

hand pain

Hand Arthritis

Hand pain can be caused by a number of issues including Hand Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Trigger Finger or a scaphoid fracture.
sports injury

Sports Injury

Sports related knee injuries are very common. They include frequently, medial meniscal tears, medial ligament strains and anterior cruciate ligament injury. Injury usually results from a twisting mechanism while running or falling sideways.
water based rehabilitation

Water Based Rehabilitation

Water-based rehabilitation is a patient driven, self motivated program to encourage patients to strengthen their muscles in their entirety. It has particular application to the lower limb and spine.