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Hip Arthritis Symptoms

There are many different hip arthritis symptoms. Patients frequently will complain of groin pain radiating into the thigh and shin. They will have difficulty changing posture and progressively will have restriction putting on socks, cutting toenails, etc.

Other Symptoms of Hip Arthritis:

Patients complain of low back /hip lateral thigh, Iliotibial band () discomfort. If the hip joint becomes silently stiff (ankylosed), the patient may have no specific hip arthritis symptoms and purely complain of back or knee pain. Over time, a limp will become apparent. As the buttock (gluteal) muscles weaken, this will be described as a Trendelenburg waddle.

Progressive loss of mobility will ensue with increasing dependence on using a stick or similar aid.

The Orthopaedic surgeon will assess the history and then examine the patient checking the spine, hip, knee and lower limb joint mobility. If pain and associated stiffness is detected in the hip joint, then it is likely symptomatic. A thorough examination is essential. Otherwise, an incorrect diagnosis can easily been made ascribing symptoms to the lower back, knees etc.

The optimal diagnosis is achieved by methodical clinical assessment based on detailed history and examination.

Hip Arthritis Symptoms